Did you have Employees through Covid?

I want to make you aware of a REFUND the Federal Government is offering called the EMPLOYEE RETENTION CREDIT PROGRAM (ERC). Your accountant / CPA may have already told you about this and that you do NOT qualify because your business flourished during the pandemic, or you took the PPP money the Federal Government was offering.

Things have changed. The Cares Act was revised in mid 2021. Many business owners do not realize that they are now eligible for the ERC even if they previously received PPP funds.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is holding your money and we would like to help you claim what is yours.
If you received PPP money you QUALIFY AutomaticallyThe refund goes like this:
NO PPP LOANS - usually $20,000+ per employee.
1 PPP LOAN - usually $14,000 per employee.
2 PPP LOANS - usually $10,000 per employee.

Our contingency fee is negotiated, and you pay us only after you receive the refund.
If at any time in the future you are faced with an audit, we will be there to support our filings.

We have now processed over 25,000 ERC applications and recovered over $3.5 BILLION 

We just need 15 minutes of your time to get the process started.
Let us know what DAY & TIME works for you and we'll handle everything.

I personally am always available if you have any questions. Rick Mayer

Watch this video...

Get your Money.

You pay nothing to find out if you qualify.

We work with over 30% of the top U.S. Law firms, 30% of the top U.S. Accounting firms, and 24% of the top U.S. Private Equity firms, including Blackstone. They trust us 1,000's of their clients.

Other companies not only make you pay a fee up front, they take 50% of what they collect.
We charge NO up front fees and our commission is 1/2 of theirs.

Would you be up for a 5-10 minute discovery call to see if you qualify? 

Join Us.

If you think this program has merit, why not join us? You pay nothing to join us and the rewards are great.

FAQ's on the Employee Retention Credit

It's a program signed into law by Pres. Biden called the Cares Act. It's not a loan, in fact even if you received a PPP loan you probably still qualify for $14,000 per employee, which is the average.
We are the largest company operating in this space, we're over 14 years old and we receive over 10,000 new clients a week nationally.

Accountants do taxes, they don't write grants. This is a complicated process and the form is over 200 pages long. Rarely would an accountant have the expertise to stay up with all the different requirements and changes where this is what we do. We keep you compliant.

Yes, the letter went out warning businesses about fraudulent companies in this space. We are #1 in this industry and work with some of the top organizations in the country. (See above.)

Plain and simple, NO. It does not trigger an audit.
It is simply declared as income on the current year's taxes.

The money comes directly from the I.R.S., it's their program.

If you think this program has merit, why not join us? You pay Nothing to get involved and share the program with businesses, and the rewards are nice.
Join Us.